4 Main Reasons Why Designer Clothes Cost a Lot

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4 Main Reasons Why Designer Clothes Cost a Lot

Kanye West’s fans have lately been discussing his T-Shirt. The rapper was involved in the creation of a 120 dollars t-shirt from APC. The funny thing is that despite the crazy price the company does not have these t-shirts in stock already!

Now the question arises: how would any company be able to sell such a common item at such a sky-high price? Let us mention the 4 main reasons why and how designers, companies and fashion houses make people pay huge money for their products.

1. Marketers and economists know the first reason
They understand that if there is a demand for some certain goods and the need is higher than supply, then a company will always charge for its product bigger money. If there are a lot of people who want to buy something, the more expensive that ‘something’ will be. Kanye West is not the only celebrity taking part in promotions. This, of course, always makes any advertised item cost a lot. Another trick that helped APC to sell the t-shits was that the company decided to manufacture a small amount of these t-shirts. They produce and sell few t-shirts, however, the number of people who would like to purchase them is higher. There is a demand, yet supply is not sufficient hence the price for their t-shirts is high. Actually, there is absolutely nothing special about the product. You can easily buy a similar t-shirt for 3 bucks or so elsewhere.

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