7 Steps to Improve Your Clothing Routine

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7 Steps to Improve Your Clothing Routine

What do most of us start the day with? Of course it’s the wardrobe. We open it and see plenty of things we use daily. And there are not too many people who know that there are a couple of tricks they can use to make their clothing routine more pleasant to deal with.

See the list below to find out what other people do you didn’t know. Sharing knowledge is always rewarding, isn’t it?

1. Clever Patchwork
Do not be in a rush to get rid of old, worn and torn clothes. Instead, create a stylish and unique patchwork! Attaching the patch is really easy – use Heat n’Bond plus a piece of embroidery thread. Let your creativity rule the process. There are plenty of cool designs you can think of. Go ahead and express yourself!

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