10 Best Decked Out Oscar Winners

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10 Best Decked Out Oscar Winners

Not every celebrity knows how to dress well. In spite of the fact that they can afford the best stylists, image makers and designer clothes and shoes, some of they still look ridiculous at times.

The list below gives the names of 10 Oscar winners who are aware of the importance of their outlook. After all, no matter how superficial that might sound, we do judge people by their “cover”. Read further to find out who are the people most consider stylish and well-dressed.

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein Collection
There are hundreds legends about pearls. They possess incredible charm and power. No wonder some famous people give their preference to jewelry, accessories and even fabrics resembling pearls. The dress Lupita appeared on the red carpet conquered everybody’s heart and mind. That’s an incredibly successful design that took hours of work that made the star look amazing.

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