The Good, The Bad And The Ok Of 2015’s Oscars

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The Good, The Bad And The Ok Of 2015’s Oscars

The Bad: Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch Left Out of 'In Memoriam'

It is hard to believe that we sometimes forget to give tribute to those who contributed to the history of cinematography or any other sphere of our cultural life and existence. This is exactly what happened during the Oscar broadcast. Joan Rivers, the legendary actress loved by millions, as well as a talented director and an outstanding personality was omitted. Another legendary actress and singer was omitted. The name is well-known and the fact that Elaine Stritch was absent at the ceremony shocked the audience. Currently there are plenty of negative remarks and posters regarding the even. People are totally outraged and are trying to figure out what was it that made the organizers of the event miss these two great women.

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