The Good, The Bad And The Ok Of 2015’s Oscars

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The Good, The Bad And The Ok Of 2015’s Oscars

The Good: 'Ida' Director Won’t Quit Talking

How much do you appreciate those who cannot stop talking? Most of us are trying to be brief and exact while communicating to other. Who knows how we would react if we were awarded an Oscar? Pawlikowski’s Ida was nominated the Best Foreign-Language Film. Bringing your ideas without being boring is not always easy to some. This is what happened to Pawel Pawlikowski, the Polish director. The man was talking on and on and he seemed to ignore the fact that the ceremony would not last forever. He should have taken into consideration the fact that there are more people around. Some wanted the director to stop talking. The speech included the story of his career, family, native country and even kids. The orchestra was there to start playing at the right time. The filmmaker though did not think that the time was right and kept on talking. He orchestra then made another attempt and only then, some 10 seconds later Pawel Pawlikowski was ready to leave the stage and let the audience enjoy his absence.

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