Your health is in your hands. You are your own doctor. The sooner you take care of your own body, the longer life you’ll live. Heart disease kills thousands of people every day.

Leg blood clots are not that rare. They form if you are a frequent traveller who spends too much time immobile. Buses and planes cannot be avoided and you are to spend a few hours in cramped spaces.

Sometimes tattoos go bad. And there are a few reasons why this happens. Here is a list of five instances. Look through the list and see if you have ever experienced any of the issues mentioned below.

The human body always informs us if something wrong is happening to our organs. One of the most important inner organs is the liver. If it does not function well enough, the person feels different.

You might think that we are joking. However, it is quite possible to eat yet lose weight. The number of diets and weight loss plans and programs is only increasing.

Sometimes all you need to do to see whether the person is healthy or not is to have a look at him. There are obvious visual signs that the person is suffering from an illness.

Dieting is a real challenge. Some stay dedicated to it for months. Some give up on trying to follow a strict diet and gain their lost pounds back.

You won’t believe how many foods we call healthy are, in fact, not healthy at all. Manufacturers and sellers are constantly creating new products.

You are what you eat. Do you want to love longer? Then watch what you eat. You should know what foods are dangerous. Here is our list:

Lemons are bright and fragrant. They have been used to prepare food for centuries. This fruit is used not only in the food industry, but also in perfumery.

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