3 Workout Practices That Won’t Make You Look Younger

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3 Workout Practices That Won’t Make You Look Younger

2. A Low-Fat Diet

It was sensational for most of us to find out that low-fat diets are not as helpful and effective as we would like them to be. Fat is not the main cause of weight gain. It does not cause heart disease, either. Fats can be healthy and we need them. Although people have started to consume less fat, the number of obese people hasn’t declined. Actually, fat is good and can make you look younger. Healthy fats contain good cholesterol which produces the hormones responsible for your youngish looks. Skin tissue needs good cholesterol in order to look healthy and young. Your skin cannot look supple, glowing and smooth if you do not consume fats. Do not exclude fats from your diet. Otherwise you will not be able to slow down the ageing process.

3 Workout Practices That Wont Make You Look Younger  A Low-Fat Diet

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