Reasons Why You Might Experience Dizziness During Runs

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Reasons Why You Might Experience Dizziness During Runs

Nowadays workout routine is part of many people’s life. That’s a good habit, no doubt. But is jogging always followed by dizziness? And why do some of us experience this negative effect more often than others?

In order to avoid dizziness during or after runs, have a closer look at your menu and see if you eat the right healthy options of foods throughout the day and especially improve the quality of the snacks you usually have before jogging. To run on an empty stomach is not an option. To overeat is equally bad. If you usually go jogging in the mornings, then the best choice is to combine protein with carbs, for example, have a small jar of plain yogurt and a fruit. Afternoon or evening runners should eat something an hour or two before they leave home. To eat a few pieces of banana 10-15 minutes before doing sports is also a smart decision.

Remember that dizziness can also be caused by dehydration. In this case drinking liquids, especially water, is the key solution. During runs we tend to perspire. To restore the loss take a bottle of still water and drink some of it every 10-15 minutes. Use a treadmill if the weather conditions outside are extreme. If, even after having taken all possible measures dizziness does not disappear or decrease, consult a doctor to make sure that you do not have any other health issues.

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