10 Fragrances That Soothe Your Body and Soul

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10 Fragrances That Soothe Your Body and Soul

Guns N' Roses! No, we are not going to talk about music. Our topic is scents that make us feel relaxed. You might be surprised to find out that the spectrum can include both lavender and jet fuel. Why fuel?

The explanation is quite simple: we associate it with travelling. According to research carried out by Alan Hirsch, some certain scents are associated with vacation and leisure time. Holding such a smell to your nose will cause a chemical reaction in your brain and you will instantly feel relaxation.

1. Suntan Products
Nothing is as relaxing and pleasant as lying in the sun by the water in a far away country. This is when you need sunscreen and suntan lotion. Their fragrances take us on vacation in a matter of seconds.

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