5 Bad Credit Myths Dispelled

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5 Bad Credit Myths Dispelled

Myth 1 – Poor credit makes me unreliable in lenders’ eyes

This is not an established fact. Lenders are ready to lend you money. However, get ready to be charged higher interest rates. Nowadays, the market offers a number of cards for those who think their credit is ‘bad’. Such cards charge higher interest. Besides, they offer shorter 0% deals. Fortunately, it is quite possible to restore your credit score. All a person needs to do is to prove that he's a trustworthy and reliable borrower. Use those cards, but always remember to pay back. Your balance must be paid regularly. Do not miss the payments. Do everything on time. Also, if you're ready to start building up your good credit, find the right card and use it wisely. You will soon get back on your feet and later on more lenders will give you access to better cards. Finally, do your best and stay debt-free in the future.

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