5 Best Places to Practice Skiing in Summer

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5 Best Places to Practice Skiing in Summer

The summer is approaching and most of us have already planned their vacation and booked air tickets. What summers are good for is the sun, warm seas and golden sands.

But where would you go if you lived in a warm country all year round and would like something different? Well, how about trying out your skiing skills in the midsummer time? Luckily, there are a number of resorts that welcome skiers all year round, summers included.

1. Ski Portillo, Chile
Chile is famous for its tropical beauty, numerous bars and other attributes that are so typical of summer resorts. However, this is where you can also find great conditions for skiing! One of the best would be the Ski Portillo situated in the Andes, next to Laguna Del Inca. Hurry up and reserve a room – the place can accommodate 450 people only!

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