5 Destinations for Newlyweds to Have a Happy Honeymoon

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5 Destinations for Newlyweds to Have a Happy Honeymoon

Your happy family life starts with a happy honeymoon! Make your honeymoon the most memorable experience of your lifetime by spending it in a nice destination.

Visit one of the exotic places listed below – they are different from your usual environment. An unforgettable honeymoon is guaranteed.

1. Vibrant and Dramatic St Lucia
St Lucia is an awesome Caribbean island. This is where most newlyweds love spending their honeymoon. What is it that attracts them? First, the weather here is always wonderful. You will be surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. Take a boat tour and explore the island. Remember to visit the legendary Piton Mountains as well. There are also picturesque waterfall pools for those who need to refresh. If you want to taste an exotic beverage, try out some of the best rums St Lucia has got to offer you. Finally, you are welcome to drop by the famous chocolate resort where you will be able to create your own chocolate bar.

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