5 Exceptionally Delicious and Rare Fruits

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5 Exceptionally Delicious and Rare Fruits

3. African Horned Cucumber

Not too many of us have tasted African horned cucumber. This is the oldest fruit on the planet. It was grown by people 3000 years ago. There are several different names for the plant – hedged gourd and melano are just some of them. The fruit has spines on its peel while the flesh reminds the texture of cucumber. It is around 5-10 cm in size. The fruity part of this species tastes like lemon and cucumber. The juice can be used to cure eczema, and heartburns. The peel can also be consumed. It is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Kiwano (as it is called in Africa) can be used to balance blood pressure and treat urinary problem.

5 Exceptionally Delicious and Rare Fruits African Horned Cucumber

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