5 Most Affordable Countries to Travel To

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5 Most Affordable Countries to Travel To

Holidaying is the time of the year when we want to relax and feel no worries. The best solution is to leave your own country and go abroad. Now you might think that travelling is for the rich only.

In fact, there are places where holidaying is not expensive at all!

1. Cambodia
You will probably not believe how cheap it is to go on holiday to Cambodia. You will spend approximately $2 and even less on food! Trust us, the food you will eat there is incredibly delicious! Cambodia is famous for its archeological park called Angkor Wat. Every traveller just must visit the site. The park is especially beautiful in the morning. Get up earlier and watch the sunrise – that’s the view you will remember forever. The park is now under UNESCO protection since it is considered to be the world’s heritage. You can also buy a multi-day ticket ($20\day - $40\3 days). This will allow you to see temples and enjoy the nature after the midday heat.

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