5 Most Famous and Richest College Drop Outs

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5 Most Famous and Richest College Drop Outs

The bad news is that the number of people without jobs is constantly increasing. Having a college degree by no means guarantees you a good position.

There are plenty of graduates, actually, who are unemployed against their will. Being successful nowadays is becoming more and more difficult since competition is in full swing and, in order to prove your outstanding skills, talents and abilities, you have to do something extra. There is some good news, too! Have you ever tried to figure out why there are people who never finished college yet they are richer and more successful in life than those with bachelor and master degrees? The list below proves that some people are aware of other ways to achieve their life goals. Their approach probably differs a lot from that typical of others. It seems that education, diplomas and degrees is not the only tool that can help you make money.

1. Halle Berry
Halle never went to college. However, this didn’t prevent her from turning into a rich and famous person. After finishing high school the lady decided to move to Chicago and try to build up an acting career. She became a popular movie star. Besides being an actress, Berry is known as a spokesperson for Revlon products.

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