6 Disadvantages of a Cruise Holiday

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6 Disadvantages of a Cruise Holiday

We all have heard the tragic story of the Titanic. A couple of years ago, in 2012 there was another disaster - the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia sank after bumping into an underwater rock. Do such stories scare people off from taking a cruise holiday?

We doubt.
There are too many commercials and adverts inviting people to take a trip “they will never forget”. The image that comes to your mind is a beaming couple that is silhouetted by a blue ocean and azure skies. The ship takes the couple to some exotic land where the two happy lovers sip on Pina Colada and sunbathe lying on a tropical island under tall palm trees.
You might be surprised to find out that there is some awful truth behind the beautiful adverts. Only those who arrange cruises know how harmful and dangerous they are to our environment, seas and oceans! You are mistaken if you believe that cruising is a lower carbon way of travel. Now, let us tell you another 6 reasons why you should never take a cruise holiday:

1. Flushing Faeces in the Ocean
That’s right – when you are on a ship your poop is dumped in the ocean. No need to pretend that it disappears by itself. Just imagine how much waste is thrown into the water if the ship carries from 2,000 to 8,000 passengers. Tons of human waste flow through the pipes right into the water. Maybe one day engineers will invent a better way of getting rid of faeces and we will save our oceans. Currently, the situation is not as romantic as adverts show.

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