6 Least Appreciated European Countries

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6 Least Appreciated European Countries

Whenever we arrange a trip, we plan to visit the most famous destinations. London, Paris, New York and Tokyo are some of such places. Nevertheless, the world is huge and there are always new sites to visit and see.

Tourists should never restrict themselves to going only to popular countries. Next time you go to Europe, make your travel bucket list more unexpected and fill it up with several countries only few of us have visited so far. You are wrong if you think that only Italy has beautiful nature or architecture. And there are more countries besides France that can offer you excellent wines. Do not underrate less popular spots and visit the following 6 European countries at least once.

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina
People who live outside Europe might have never heard this unusually long name of a country located in Europe. Do some research and you will find out plenty of interesting facts. Bosnia and Herzegovina takes pride in its traditions, culture and people. If you are not indifferent to nature and want to see stunning flora and fauna, forests and verdant landscapes, start packing your suitcase right away - Bosnia and Herzegovina is ready to show you its natural beauty. The capital city of the country is Sarajevo. Another attractive feature is that it does not cost too much to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is quite an affordable destination. Even if your budget is rather humble you will still have a good time there. Finally, the food sold in Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly organic yet relatively cheap.

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