6 Truths and Lies about Caffeine

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6 Truths and Lies about Caffeine

True or False: Caffeine Is Addictive

There is a grain of truth in this opinion. It all depends on how you interpret addiction. Caffeine has stimulating properties and influences the central nervous system. Most coffee drinkers experience mild physical addiction to the beverage. The good news is that caffeinated drinks do not ruin your economic, social or physical health. It cannot be compared to alcohol or drugs. Stopping drinking coffee is not that difficult. The discomfort will vanish in a day or two. Only in very rare cases do people who consume caffeinated stuff claim that they cannot help thinking about a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink. You can quit consuming caffeine much more easily than smoking. Conclusion: Caffeine addiction is not as serious as other forms of addictions.

6 Truths and Lies about Caffeine True or False Caffeine Is Addictive

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