7 Most Breathtaking Rooftop Hotel Pools

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7 Most Breathtaking Rooftop Hotel Pools

The fear of heights is natural. A good designer or an experienced architect will always keep in mind human psychology when creating something new. Danger attracts us just because it gives that special ticklish sensation we cannot resist.

One of the fastest ways to feel different is to dive into a rooftop pool. There are 7 rooftop hotel pools that we would like to introduce to you. Check them online to find out what the look like and whether you could handle either of them.

1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Soaking in a pool that is almost 60 floors above the ground is only possible if you travel to Singapore and stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is long and spacious and can accommodate a huge number of people at the same time.

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