7 Splendid Spots to Visit Before They Vanish

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7 Splendid Spots to Visit Before They Vanish

Did you know that there are several places on our planet that might soon disappear? The news is terrible, especially when you find out how rare and wonderful those places are.

The saddest thing is that it is impossible to restore what has once been lost. Before you see the beauty of the places go away, hurry up and visit them. Another five or six decades will pass and the geography of our planet will change beyond recognition.

1. Patagonia
The site is located in South America. Global warming is the main problem that Patagonia faces at present. Increasing temperatures make the glacier retreat. It is unlikely that the whole of the land will disappear completely. However, if climate keeps changing, then the landscape of the area will very soon be totally changed and look absolutely different from that we see right now.

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