7 Tips for Travelling Ladies Expecting a Baby

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7 Tips for Travelling Ladies Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy does not make you disabled or helpless. It does not mean you are supposed to stay at home 24/7 and lead a boring life. All you need to keep in mind is that you should be a little bit more careful and attentive.

Refrain from traveling if you have already hit the 32nd week (eight months). Before taking a car ride, a flight or getting on any other means of transport, read the 7 steps listed below. Safe traveling depends only on you, that’s why it is important to follow these rules:

1. Closer to the aisle.
If you are planning to travel by air, book an aisle seat. You will need to go the toilet or simply stand and move around from time to time. Do not fasten your seatbelt too tightly or too high. The same rule applies to those ladies who are travelling by car. If you choose to travel by train, sit further from the window so that you wouldn’t be squeezed by the person next to you.

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