7 Typical Misconceptions About Introverts

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7 Typical Misconceptions About Introverts

We are too quick to believe in myths. Some of us do not want to test the info to make sure that what they believe in is really true. There are many myths we take for facts, although reality is different. This rule applies to what we know about introverts.

It is very possible that there are a few people you know who can be considered to be introverts. People who prefer to stay by themselves and spend their time in quiet surroundings are introverts, while extroverts prefer noisy parties and crowds, people around them and avoid solitude. There are many different types of people and today we are going to talk about introverts and the things that make them different from others.

1. Introverts do not have friends
This statement is absolutely wrong. Introverts are normal people who socialize with others. They prefer quality over quantity and there are fewer friends in an introvert’s life. However, people whom they choose as their friends are trustworthy and reliable. They do not see any point in having a zillion buddies. They stay close only with those who are really worthy to be called true friends.

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