How pleasant your trip is in many cases depends on you and your awareness. Check the list to see what can influence your travel experience.

Your happy family life starts with a happy honeymoon! Make your honeymoon the most memorable experience of your lifetime by spending it in a nice destination.

We all have heard the tragic story of the Titanic. A couple of years ago, in 2012 there was another disaster - the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia sank after bumping into an underwater rock. Do such stories scare people off from taking a cruise holiday?

There might be various sources of income. If you cannot leave home for some reason, you can earn money at home by doing something you will be paid for.

It's beautiful. It's huge. And it's unbelievably interesting in many regards. We are talking about Brazil. Its territory is surrounded by blue tropical oceans. The land is covered in rainforests full of exotic animals and plants.

Isn’t it frustrating, annoying and disappointing to realize that all that you have been preparing for and planning days, weeks, months ahead is falling apart? What usually happens to you?

There are a few interesting myths people believe in. This curious phenomenon covers every sphere of our life, jewelry included. Here is a list of the 7 myths about precious metals and stones most of us believe in yet the reality is different.

There is nothing to wait for. It’s time to act. Living is more fun than existing. What can turn routine into adventure? It’s definitely traveling and exploring the world. Most of the excuses people make are too lame to believe in.

People compete at work – they want to be appreciated by their colleagues and bosses. We sometimes dedicate our whole day to our companies trying to accomplish the tasks on time. Being indispensable is flattering, but is it worth the effort?

Did you know that there are several places on our planet that might soon disappear? The news is terrible, especially when you find out how rare and wonderful those places are.

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