There might be various sources of income. If you cannot leave home for some reason, you can earn money at home by doing something you will be paid for.

It's beautiful. It's huge. And it's unbelievably interesting in many regards. We are talking about Brazil. Its territory is surrounded by blue tropical oceans. The land is covered in rainforests full of exotic animals and plants.

Isn’t it frustrating, annoying and disappointing to realize that all that you have been preparing for and planning days, weeks, months ahead is falling apart? What usually happens to you?

There are a few interesting myths people believe in. This curious phenomenon covers every sphere of our life, jewelry included. Here is a list of the 7 myths about precious metals and stones most of us believe in yet the reality is different.

There is nothing to wait for. It’s time to act. Living is more fun than existing. What can turn routine into adventure? It’s definitely traveling and exploring the world. Most of the excuses people make are too lame to believe in.

People compete at work – they want to be appreciated by their colleagues and bosses. We sometimes dedicate our whole day to our companies trying to accomplish the tasks on time. Being indispensable is flattering, but is it worth the effort?

Did you know that there are several places on our planet that might soon disappear? The news is terrible, especially when you find out how rare and wonderful those places are.

Traveling is a wonderful activity. Whether you travel for pleasure or business, there are some certain things to keep in mind. The 8 tips below will help you be better understood by other people elsewhere.

The summer is approaching and most of us have already planned their vacation and booked air tickets. What summers are good for is the sun, warm seas and golden sands.

Pregnancy does not make you disabled or helpless. It does not mean you are supposed to stay at home 24/7 and lead a boring life. All you need to keep in mind is that you should be a little bit more careful and attentive.

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