9 Useful Tips to Help You Sleep Better during Flights

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9 Useful Tips to Help You Sleep Better during Flights

Some of us find it almost impossible to fall asleep on a plane. Try out the tips below and see whether they are effective and useful enough.

1. Using a Hoodie
Tip number one: bring a hoodie. You can replace this item with a cardigan. If this is not your first flight, then you already know how cold it may be on a plane. You need the right temperature to feel comfortable. If it’s too cold or too hot, then you won’t be able to get a good rest during your flight. Freezing is the worst things you may experience on a plane so remember that the conditioning system of a plane can make you feel cold. Have a sweater or a jacket in case you feel that the temperature on board is too low. Ask for a blanket in case you forget your own warm clothes – some airlines provide passengers with this sort of things.

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