4 Reasons You Cannot Find a Partner

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4 Reasons You Cannot Find a Partner

Being bad is sometimes good! My point of view posted on Spotlight Coaching forum made others react. Some people explain this phenomenon in a number of different ways.

You may agree or disagree with those who think that we stay single because this is our way to protect ourselves. One part says we need to love and to be loved, while our other part says it is not safe to trust people. Unfortunately, we want to be attached and to take care of someone else, but, equally, we are afraid of responsibilities that any kind of relationship require and involve. Love excludes Fear. And Fear excludes Love. Once you stop being cautious you will find a mate. Once you find a mate there will always be a risk of getting hurt or even betrayed. Fear is typical of both sexes. Nevertheless, women tend to be more cautious than men. Let us see what thoughts come to a single person’s mind most often:

1. “I wish I had a boyfriend, but dating appalls me.” Then what are other ways of finding someone? Finding someone close includes dating as well. Girls feel at a loss and even frightened when they think that it might take them years of dating to find someone more or less acceptable.

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