6 Shocking Truths about Kissing

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6 Shocking Truths about Kissing

Kissing is one of the most common ways that help us express our feeling toward others. We love our kids and parents. We kiss our family members quite often and tell them how much we care.

However, kissing someone you are in love with is something absolutely different. As time goes by our feelings and emotions wear out. This is quite natural and happens to all couples. Some stay passionate for longer and never get tired of expressing themselves through kissing and sweet words. Read the articles and find out how informed you are. You might find the facts about kisses you have never heard of! It would also be nice of you to share your ideas and opinion with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

A long kiss can be compared with a drug
What makes kisses so addictive is the amount of endorphins that are released by our bodies when we kiss. Endorphins make us feel happy and excited. Whenever you feel sad and upset try and kiss someone you love – it will help you feel better! This only works when you kiss a person whom you deeply love. It is useless to kiss someone you are indifferent to – your mood won’t get any better.

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