6 Types of Items You Do not Need in Your Wardrobe

6 Types of Items You Do not Need in Your Wardrobe

That awful feeling when you open your closet full of various pants, dresses and blouses just to find out you have nothing to wear today!

This is when you are about to grab your shopping bag and credit cards and go shopping for something new. Hold your horses and read further. 

1. Clone Items — who needs multiple copies?

How varied is your wardrobe? If you can find plenty copies of the same dress or skirt, then you should reconsider your habits. It is fine if you have clone underwear. Even if it's of the same color, still it’s all right. But if you purchase dresses with the same floral patterns, fabrics and colors, then try to get rid of part of them and do not buy similar items ever again. You will clog your closet with things that look alike yet will constantly complain about not being able to find anything cool to put on. Take out every piece of clothing you have in your closet and sort out the items. Separate blouses, skirts, dresses and jeans that you haven’t been wearing for a year or longer and do not hesitate to throw them away. Leave those that look different and put them back. Also, keep clothing that you wear for special occasions.

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