7 Different Dress Styles for 7 Different Body Types

7 Different Dress Styles for 7 Different Body Types

It does not really matter what body shape your figure belongs to. The most important thing is to know what dress type to choose in order to look your best.

This list will be of great help to those ladies who have only recently started to wear dresses and are still learning about fashion and their own bodies. It’s not difficult at all to master the skill and learn the basic rules to avoid the most common mistakes. Here is what you should keep in mind:

1. Shirt dress

An hourglass body shape is known to cause the least problems to their owner. Almost any dress type looks good on an hourglass figure. Try a shirt dress on and see how gorgeous you look in it. It’s elegant, simple and can be worn with or without a belt. Do not be afraid of fresh ideas!

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