How to Find the Right Eyeglass Frames by Shape and Color

How to Find the Right Eyeglass Frames by Shape and Color

Shopping for the right eyeglass frames is an interesting process. As a matter of fact, eyeglass frames can help you change your style or create a new image. Put on a new pair of frames and you will look absolutely different!

You can go to the store and try them all out or, if you want to save time, prepare in advance and go shopping for eyeglass frames already knowing what shape and color you are going to buy. Bear in mind that determining your face shape is very important. Consult a professional optician if you are purchasing eyeglass frames for the first time. Read the tips and hints given below to learn to choose your new eyeglasses.

Square Face

Square faces have a wide forehead and a massive jaw line. They also have the same proportions in both length and width. You can soften the angles and make your face look softer by choosing narrow frames or frames that are not too deep. Narrow oval eyeglass shapes are also recommended.

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