9 Famous Celebrity Vegans

9 Famous Celebrity Vegans

You have probably heard that most stars are obsessed with healthy lifestyle, their bodies and looks. Some starve themselves, and some watch their diets in order to improve their spiritual and physical health.

Those who refuse to eat meat, eggs, and other animal products fight for animal rights. Some follow the trend because they do feel this is the right thing to do, while others stop consuming some certain foods just because it becomes popular.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

This famous lady is known as a vegan as well, although her career is that of a talk show presenter. She has been on our TV screens for quite a long period of time yet not all of us know that she went vegan a few years ago, when her spouse, Portia de Rossi, found the right reasons that completely changed Ellen’s lifestyle and eating habits. Now both ladies are vegan.

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