5 Foods for People Who Wish to Live a Long Life

5 Foods for People Who Wish to Live a Long Life

The number of Americans who have lived more than 100 years was 53,364 six years ago. It’s amazing that the number of people on the planet who have lived longer than 115 is 39.

What do centenarians do the rest of us don’t to live long? Who knows their secret? Is it all about their genes or the food they eat? For all we know, their menus might include the following products:

1. Fiber-Rich Foods

Experts associate fiber-rich foods with a long and healthy life. The list of benefits you gain from consuming such products is endless. Fiber can be compared to antioxidants. Both of them protect us from free radicals, help us stay free of toxins and cleanse us from inside. You can decrease the risk of chronic and even deadly conditions by consuming plenty of fiber. Not only will you live longer, you will stay in great shape, too.

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