5 Most Common Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

5 Most Common Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

It’s hard to believe how surprisingly unexpected causes of bad breath might be. At times you can’t imagine simple things to cause bad breath.

Well, the fact is that the following five reasons are quite common. Once you get rid of the habits listed below, you may expect your breath to become much better.

1. Coffee Leaves Stains on Teeth and Causes Unpleasant Breath

If yellowish and brownish stains on your teeth do not bother you, then think about your breath and how people around you react to it. Even if you cannot smell your bad breath, others can for sure. First what you can do to change the situation is to quit drinking coffee. If you are addicted to it, try and drink less coffee. After each cup of coffee drink a glass of still water to keep your mouth clean.

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