5 Reasons for You to Quit Being an E-Cigarette Smoker

5 Reasons for You to Quit Being an E-Cigarette Smoker

We often hear that e-cigarettes are better than conventional cigarettes. Manufacturers are doing all possible to sell their products and make us spend more money.

Do not trust those who claim that e-cigarettes are less toxic. As a matter of fact, e-cigarette vapor is as harmful as that of regular tobacco. There are hardly any advantages in e-smoking. It ruins your health and destroys your body. Here are some of the reasons why you should quit being an e-cigarette smoker. 

1. E-Cigarettes Promote Nicotine Dependence

Promotion of e-cigarettes is tremendous. Manufacturers invest millions to advertise their products. They claim that e-cigarettes are not harmful. In fact, your addiction to nicotine will never vanish unless you quit smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes included! Smoking e-cigarettes does not differ too much from smoking tobacco products. Although commercials and advertisements declare that your life will be healthier if you smoke e-cigarettes, e-smoking is not a good alternative to tobacco at all.

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