5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver

The liver is responsible a number of functions, such as digesting food and absorbing nutrients. This gland also helps the body to get rid of toxins and cleans the blood.

This is one of the organs a human being couldn’t live without. The list below mentions the 5 symptoms of an unhealthy liver:

1. Jaundice

It is of utmost importance to detect what it is exactly that caused jaundice. There're a few medical conditions that may cause this liver disease. If the liver is severely damaged, it will be extremely difficult or almost impossible to fully regenerate it. Once liver functions are improved, jaundice and all related symptoms will disappear. Keep in mind that even if jaundice diminishes, it does not always means that liver is fully cured. Patients are strongly advised to follow a strict diet anyways.

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