6 Special Places in Rio de Janeiro Every Traveller Should Visit

6 Special Places in Rio de Janeiro Every Traveller Should Visit

Brazil is an exotic country. Its culture, flora and fauna, food and music cannot leave you indifferent. One of its cities, Rio de Janeiro, is visited by thousands of tourists coming from various countries every month.

The area offers so much that you’ll need a few weeks to see at least a small part of what it has. Whether you are interested in architecture or nature, there guests can see and experience it all.

1. Sugar Loaf

Sounds tasty? As a matter of fact, that’s the name of a landmark located in Rio de Janeiro. You can see it above the harbor – it peaks almost 400 meters and sits on a site that projects out into the bay. There’s a low strip of land connecting the landmark with the city. Feel free to take a cable car from Praça General Tibúrcio and reach the top of a lower peak called the Morro da Urca. Afterwards you can transfer and move on to the summit of the Sugar Loaf. Observe the mountainous coast, its bay and its islands. Finally, there are three forts on Cara de Cão, close to a wonderful beach. Fort São João was built in the 16th century and welcomes the public.

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