6 Truths and Lies about Caffeine

6 Truths and Lies about Caffeine

What are we to believe? Is caffeine evil or good? We drink various beverages in which caffeine is the main component. Coffee, black and green tea and energy drinks contain caffeine. There are a few other sources of it.

Cocoa beans as well as kola nuts also have the stimulant. Let’s see how well informed you are about it and whether the things we are told about caffeine are lies or truths.

True or False: Caffeine Has Sobering Properties

That’s just a myth some people strongly believe. Caffeine does not have any sobering properties. After drinking alcohol people feel they need a cup of coffee in order to look and feel fresh and lively. Actually, you do more harm than good when you pair alcohol and caffeine. Refrain from mixing them up.

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