7 Ways to Make Full Use of a Banana Peel

7 Ways to Make Full Use of a Banana Peel

Wait a second! You have just eaten a banana and now you are about to throw away the peel. But what if there are a few interesting ways how you can use it? Read the article below to find out why banana peels are good.

A trash container is not the only place for the leftover.

1. Shoe Polisher

Your shoes will look much better if you know how to use the banana peel. If there are scuff marks on your shoes, you can easily remove them without buying chemicals or spending your money on special tools and products. Renew your heels and leather boots by rubbing the inside of the banana peel against the leather. See an instant result! Now wipe the footwear with a soft cloth.

2. No Annoying Fruit Flies in the Kitchen

Some of us use various sprays and chemicals to get rid of bugs and flies that reside in our houses. Fruit flies may appear even in a perfectly clean home. We know how annoying they are. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of them. Make your own fly-catcher. You’ll need a nail and hammer. Simply make a few holes in the lid of an empty yogurt container. Put a banana peel inside and cover it with the lid. Place your home-made trap in the place where there are fruit flies. Clean the container every two-three days.

7 Ways to Make Full Use of a Banana Peel No Annoying Fruit Flies in the Kitchen

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