9 Destinations Where Your Vacation Might Be Dangerous

Reynaldo Riobueno / Shutterstock.com Reynaldo Riobueno / Shutterstock.com

Most of the places recommended by travel agents are safe and secure. If you usually arrange your own trips, you might not know where you should or should not go. Watch the latest news and check out reliable sites to find out how risky or safe it is to travel to your chosen country or city.

Avoid or postpone your trip if you suspect the place is dangerous.

1. Venezuela
The capital city of Caracas is one of the most dangerous areas in the whole world. Nevertheless, you are not recommended to travel around the rest of the country either. The problem is the high rate of crime like burglary, mugging and robbery. Whether you leave your hotel by day or going out at night, you should always be careful and cautious. Avoid strangers and abandoned areas of towns. Find a better place to spend your vacation.

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