5 Rules of Dating a Colleague

5 Rules of Dating a Colleague

Nowadays we spend hundreds of hours each month at our offices. Our workplace is the area where we spend almost a third of our life.

Some work extra hours, which means our workplaces becomes our second home. It’s a sad fact and we cannot do anything about it unless we quit our job or retire. Since most of the time is spent at work, it is absolutely natural that we sometimes have more chances to find a romantic interest there.

1. Never Date Your Boss

One of the main rules of office dating etiquette is: do not date your boss. Dating a person who is in charge of your department is not the best idea. Some consider it a taboo since it can cause many other misunderstanding and even conflicts later on. Another wrong thing to do is to boast to your friends or colleagues that you're dating such a person – do not expect others to support you or say that you're doing the right thing. Some companies warn their workers against this. Offices where it is not forbidden are unlikely to find such a situation positive either. If it has already happened and you're having an affair with your boss, we suggest you should consider finding a new job.

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