5 Tips to Make Your Profile More Attractive to Males

5 Tips to Make Your Profile More Attractive to Males

Your profile can be outstanding. Follow a few simple rules and you will soon be contacted by some of the best guys on the site.

Dating sites are gaining popularity – you can make friends and even find love online. Save time and find someone special without leaving home. We are not going to deny that your pictures play an important role. However, there are a few other factors to consider. If you registered on a dating site ages ago and haven’t managed to find a date, we suggest you should…:

1. … create an interesting and informative screen name.

Having an intriguing screen name will always work! Let it be romantic and, at the same time, flirtatious. Statistics show that screen name in the beginning of the alphabet get noticed more often. Increase your chances to find a partner. Remember that search engines compile words and file profiles in an alphabetical order. So, let your screen name begin with the letters A-M.

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