5 Useless and Ineffective Workouts Ever

5 Useless and Ineffective Workouts Ever

How dedicated are you to your workout routine? How much time do you spend on exercise? Do you wish your training to be more useful? If you answered ‘yes’, then read further.

There are some exercises that have been done for many generations. However, not all of them are effective enough. Save your time and health and exclude them from your list next time you go to the gym. So, did you know that some of them might even do more harm than good? Here is what you should never do if you don't want to damage your health:

1. The Triceps 'Bench' Dip
Avoid exercises that involve the triceps dip as well as related biceps dip. There're a few reasons why professionals are against this training routine. The problem is that the triceps dip puts excessive stress on the bursa, rotator cuff muscles, deltoid and some other parts of the shoulder. Unfortunately, not only are they ineffective, they also cause nerve impingement. Think of other ways to work out the muscles of the upper arm.

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