7 Unhealthy Foods That Are Wrongly Called ‘Healthy’

7 Unhealthy Foods That Are Wrongly Called ‘Healthy’

You won’t believe how many foods we call healthy are, in fact, not healthy at all. Manufacturers and sellers are constantly creating new products.

Their target is to make money. Very often they make us pay for unhealthy stuff without letting us know the truth about their products. Here is a list of 7 foods you might wrongly call ‘healthy’:

1. Banana chips

Do you still believe that banana chips can be a perfect substitute for candies? Although we love sweets and chocolates, from time to time we go on diets. We know how harmful sugar is. The problem is that banana chips are no better! They are deep fried and contain too much saturated fat – the type of fat that increases the level of bad cholesterol. Instead of banana chips eat raw fruits.

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