8 Ingredients Turning Common Drinks Into Slimming Beverages

8 Ingredients Turning Common Drinks Into Slimming Beverages

It’s not all about food that we consume. Calories exist in drinks as well. In the summertime we tend to consume more liquids to stay hydrated hence it’s extremely important to learn to control the amount of calories in your beverages.

Smoothies, cocktails, sodas, and energy drinks contain a great deal of empty calories. They do not fill you up, you feel hungry and need food which keeps pound piling up. The good news is that it all can be easily changed. Here are 10 ingredients that can help you slim down.

1. Watermelon

One cup of watermelon contains around 45 calories. It is one of the best ingredients for many of your summer drinks. Use this fruit to prepare juices and smoothies. A glass of water with some watermelon added to it make an excellent refreshing summer drink. Watermelon contains all necessary nutrients to help you stay healthy and in good shape. Besides its slimming effect watermelon reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

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