Basketball is an exciting game and there are countries where basketball is more popular than any other sport. Females love to watch basketball. And, which is even more curious, they love playing it, too!

Soccer is popular and millions people all around the world watch this game. Soccer players have lots of fans and female soccer players are as good as males!

In sports women are strong. They are disciplined and hard-working. Most of them look superb since their profession helps them keep in great shape. Here is a list of the most remarkable female athletes:

The event is a special occasion. That’s where you can see celebrities in incredible outfits. Each of them wants to look unique and unforgettable. Well, some of them succeed. Some don’t. This year the stars that came to the Met Gala surprised us with their gowns and suits.

Even celebrities tend to make mistakes. They spend thousands on their dresses yet they do not always manage to look perfect.

Looking exactly just like your mom or dad might be either a blessing or a curse. The six kids below have taken the best genes out of their famous parents.

Who told you that famous people are supermen? They do have weaknesses and lack of self-control is typical to stars as it is to the rest of the planet’s population.

Why do the Oscars last over 300 hours? That’s simply because there are tens of categories and even more nominees to please.

The dresses we see our favorite actresses in take weeks to make. Most of the gowns require investment of time and money. Now let us see who looked great during the ceremony.

The Good: Lady Gaga, Alive With the 'Sound of Music'
No matter how clumsy and unsuccessful Scarlett Johansson’s introduction was, what Lady Gaga did was absolutely outstanding.

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