5 Powerful Motivating Tips for an Early Workout

5 Powerful Motivating Tips for an Early Workout

How willing are you to do your morning exercise? Some of us struggle their laziness. Even if we know that working out is healthy, we still make excuses and skip sports.

In the summertime you say that it’s too hot and humid for a sane person to jog or pump abs and in the wintertime you claim you feel too sick and cold to get out of your warm bed. Fortunately, we have a few powerful and very motivating tips that you can use to make yourself do your morning routine. Try out the following steps:

1. Hydrate Yourself!

Did you know that doing sports on an empty stomach is more effective? Actually, you increase the effect by 20% if you exercise before breakfast. However, it is advisable to drink plenty of water. Experts suggest you should drink at least one glass of plain water to refresh yourself and speed up metabolism. Keep a glass of fresh water by your bed just in case you want a sip at night or early morning.

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